Titansgrave RPG

Final Destination.....Sunnydale?
We almost killed a cop

As our Heroes once again board their ship, Irwin discovers the firing coil on the main canon has been burnt up by Torsen and Echo and their reckless firing upon the ED-209 Unit. Much to Torsen's chagrin, there was no way to repair the coil on board, so they would have to make port and find a spare.  The party decided to head back to Nestora, rent a hanger for the day and store the ship out of sight. They then decided to split the party into two groups: Iriwn, Fabio and Adam would head to the Junk Yard and try to locate a new firing coil for the ship while Toren Rastix and Echo headed back to The Magic Hat Shop with the box they retrieved from Daverous.

The Junk yard Group spent many hours looking for a decent coil to repair the gun, after the first hour, it began to rain, turning the soil of the junkyard inot ettentially quicksand.  After locating two coils, and the ground turning to liquid, Adam accidentaly fell into the large ditch in the center of the yard catching on something that is exposed by the landslide. Thinking quickly, Irwin ties one end of his rope to a large vehicle stuck in the mud, wraps himself in it and has Fabio ready to pull him up.  Adam caught the rope, ties himself off and began to left out of the ditch, when he and Irwin notice what caught him in the first place. An old down trodden robot still intact some how.  Adam managed to tie the robot off as well and Fabio and Irwin were able to hoist the pair up.  After some expert haggling, the group leave with their haul of goods and head back to the ship.

Torsen, Echo and Rastix had made their way thru Nestora and find the Hat shop and awaiting inside is Arcanus' twin (we are alomost certain they are the same person) brother. Excited to finally deliver and collect our reward, a fully translated coded map, Torsen hands over the box only to find out it never needed a key in the first place.  The wizard rubs the box on both ends and opens it with easy, drawing some very upset looks from the party since they risked their lives for its contents….PIE.  The box contained a pie, but upon smelling it, the party become ravenous for this pie and are offered a slice for their trouble. This pie was in fact, the greatest pie any of them had ever tasted and will most likely never taste again.  Satifiied with the delivery, the party is instructed to return to Arcanus if they wish to retireve their map. Torsen reveals his possession of the Jade Key all along to the wizard, who to everyone's disbielf, uses to to unlock the box further, revealing a very stylish and ostentaious hay inside. Torsen picks up the hat and replaces the one on his head with it, giving his old hat to his pet Jakker, Lavatros.  Happy to be concluded with this affair, they also returned to the ship and along the way, Torsen spots a red-headed Elf trailing them from a far.  He attempts t make contact, only to drive her away.  Not really caring to discover more of the quite-possible agent of the Queen, they meet up with the other party memeber and return to the hanger with their goods. 

The ships navigation coordinates are entered and The Winding Road are off to retireve their encoded map.  It seems fate would have other plans, as the ship bank sharply, diverts it's course and accelerates.  Irwin tries his best to re-route power and then try to unplug the engine all together, only to be shocked by the ship.  It seems the ship has a destination in mind that cannot be altered.  The ships stops suddenly, sending the crew aboard flying into one another. The ramp opens to a small town, a sign outside the town reads "Sunnydale." The party moves through the quiet town of humans without incident. They come upon a painted field of humans in strange armor hurling an ooblong ball at one another.  The chaos here seems to have drawn a crowd, for benches full of human sit next to the field. Everyone cheers as one human makes his way to one end of the field with the odd looking ball in tow and slams it on to the ground.  Watching intently, Fabio decides to join the frey and make a spectacle of himself as he catched the next ball thrown his way and slams in half way into the ground. The teams and all the human watching fall silent, stunned at the sheer size of the half-giant.  As a near by secuirty takes notice and makes his move toward Fabio, Irwin tried to step in, but was met with unwanted hostility.  It seemed, for a moment, like the secuirty guard had never seen a Saurian before….but how can this be? 

The guard reached for what looked like a pistol and in an instant was placed in a force bubble curtesy of Adam.  He fired every round he had before the bubble disapated, now free, the guard ran head first into a pole, knocking himself unconcious.  Torsen seemed to think it was a good idea to loot the poor bastard and Echo thought killing him would make things better. After convincing them otherwise, and both Torsen and Irwin having time out in a force bubble, the party returned to the main section of town to find a bar and lodging for their stay.  The find a place called The Bronze


Here, they would meet a man named Oz and work out a deal to play at the establishemnt in the follwing night, planning on attending this evening to promote the show and scope out the type of crowd that dwells here.  Oz also inform them of a near by bed-n-breakfast, and advises them to seek lodgings there.  After working out the exchnage rate from the normal currency they use, the men get room for 50 DOLL AIRS, whatever they are, while Irwin seeks accomedations in a tree located out back of the establishment..  Torsen, having secured his room is told his pet cannot be allowed entry, so he promptly breaks the rules by having the large cat climb said tree and enter thru the window. 

While waiting for dinner, Irwin notices that the people of this town tend to break into song and dance, for no apparent reason other then they cannot escape it. as the day comes to a close, the party makes the way over to the Bronze for a night of revelry and champange.

Diplomacy, not Diplomacy (sorry , not sorry)
Must we Kill everyone we meet......

Ours Heroes return to there ship, after suffering the loss of Lefty the Jakkar and watching the Necromancer known as Daverous seemingly combust for absolutely no reason and claiming victory over him. However, before entering the clearing to the Ship, the would be Rock stars notice they are not alone in this dank jungle of a forest.

Waiting for the Winding Road is a blockade of bounty hunters from House Harkonnen and they brought with them a large 20 foot tall robotic creature called the ED-209: A hulking beast of metal and bullets with a short fuse temper and a serious inability to tackle stairs. The leader of this pack, designated the leader by the glorious cape he wears, draped in the house’s power armor and colors, awaits the band in order to apprehend Echo.

Irwin thought they should perhaps try to be diplomatic and spare their lives, after all, they may need the House’s help to fend of the much more powerful Dark elves that also seek to capture Echo. While formulating his plan, however, Torsen and Adam take it upon themselves to speak to the leader directly, leaving the cover the the forest and walking straight up to the leader without any hesitation or care for their own lives. Irwin repeatedly smacking his forehead at the sheer gall and nads of his two bandmates. Taking flanking positions, Irwin and Fabio prepare for the battle that is sure to ensue once negotiation inevitably break down. And they do…..rather quickly.

Adam, realizing the robot is the eminent threat, neutralizes it with his arcane bubble, capturing it, and leaving Irwin’s mouth watering as he thinks about all the parts he can salvage from such a huge mechanical beast. After ED-209 was secured the fight began, Irwin immediately taking his shot and blasting the helmet of the leader straight off his head. Fabio making a mad dash and cleaving two of the soldiers in half with his mighty greatsword. The bounty hunters taking their shots landed quite a few hits but the band was ready. Rastix brought up a wall of shadow to keep the some of the soldiers from finding bodies to riddle with holes, and quickly flung shadow daggers at his unsuspecting victims. As the fight progressed, House Harkonnen retreated to their ship, not wanting to have any more their lives snuffed out by the dangerous yet half witted band, and leaving the ED-209, took off in quite a hurry.

Irwin attempted to deactivate the large bot but with no success, as the ED unit activated it’s thrusters and flew away. Quickly running into our Ship, Torsen, Rastix, and Echo gave chase to the fleeing bot, and fired wildly at it, causing much damage but not enough to down the metal behemoth. In expending so much energy trying to take the ED unit down, Torsen burnt up one of the firing coils in the ship’s gun. Now in order to make repairs, they must make port and hope that Irwin can find the parts required to patch the main cannon….oye vey

Tune in next week for more Adventures of the Winding Road!!!!!!!!!


Escape from the Dwarven Concert
Running for out lives!!!

As the Concert in the Dwarven District came to a close, the crowd swayed by our rocking tones and sweet ballads, Irwin noticed a few patrons that seemed less then impressed with their set. A group of bounty hunters, dressed in the same uniforms as the ones they dispatched and made off with their airships, are sitting in the crowd waiting for the tavern to empty out. Even stranger, there is a group of Dark Elves sizing up the band as well. Once the set had finished, Torsen and Lavatros head back to the ship claiming he had a headache. Rushed to pack up their equipment and gather there weapons, the Winding Road are approached on stage by the group of bounty hunters, the dark elves maintaining there distance.

“TM-19, aka Echo, you must come with us, immediately” spouted the leader of the pack. Having dealt with these swords of the hunt before, we made short work of them….they should have brought an army. But as luck would have it…..The dark elves approached with the same request, only this request came from their queen. Why they all want Echo is now the main thought found on Irwin’s mind, no time to ponder that now as the Elves brought a mage with them and she shrouded the tavern in darkness….Arrows flying in from nowhere, Rastix, the only one of us able to see in magical darkness, battles it out with the mage to no avail. We negotiate our surrender, but it was all a ruse to get her to dispel the darkness. A ruse that did not work to favor. As the dark veil lifted, we were greet by 20 or 30 dark elves, instead of the initial three, all with arrows knocked and pointed at our skulls. There was nothing to do, except…..Adam suddenly releases a large wave of force, knocking the entire platoon to the ground, the group snatched up their arms, Irwin tossed a quick grenade into the crowd without and hesitation and the band bolted straight for the stage exit and out of the tavern, running as fast as they could to the ship.

Upon arrival, Torsen had the ship prepared and we scrambled in and took off leaving the horde of dark elves firing their arrow uselessly at our hull. After much discussion and deliberation, it was decided to return to the near by woods to attempt to once again rescue Torsen’s stolen Jakkar cub from the clutches of a necromancer who bested us before we went in search of the Emerald Tower. We discover the portal has a guardian and after a bit of failed deception, we were allowed entry only to discover the powerful mage had created his own illussionary forest and domicile in the cave. The evil bastard reveal himself and the seeming taxidermed cub and covered himself in various light fields for protection. He sent out the jakkar cub, known to us as lefty, to the attack his former master and the rest of us. First he increased the creatures size and power, making him a much more formidable foe. With great displeasure, we all fought Lefty, all the while trying to find a way to reach the Child-like facade that was the Necromancer, but it would be Irwin, who discharged his entire battery into one well placed headshot, that would dispatch lefty once and for all, leaving his severed head and a pile of ash. The mage, distraught over the loss of his pet, showed his true form and then appeared to implode within himself, leaving behind the box he stole from us, or so we think.

Torsen still reeling over the loss of lefty, gathers his ashes and his head in an attempt to revive the fallen cub, but with little to no luck. And so we make our way back towards the ship, sadden and down trodden, but as we approach our vessel, we quickly realize, we are not the only ones here………

Tune in next week, same Bat time. Same Bat channel!!!!!

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