Irwin Shoto

A Saurian Male with a mind for electronics and and itchy trigger finger


Level 6 Rogue

Acc 4
Comm 2
Con 2
Des 5
Fght 1
Int 4
Per 2
Str 2
Will 1

Talents: Thievery (M)
Music (N)

Specializtions: Gadgeteer (J)


1) What is your character’s name?
Irwin Shoto
2) What does your character look like? (Age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, what kind of clothing does your characters usually wear? What do they wear when unarmored? any tattoos or piercings?
30years old, 5’11", 165lbs, yellow Lizard eyes, black and red scales, they change to grey when scared and darker blueish when happy, He wears a vest with many pockets to hold all his doodads and shorts. A belt with many pouches, and a holster, underneath my dark cloak, my leather armor.
3) What are your characters parent’s names?
Unknown, he was adopted after the chaos wars by a human family. Part of his long term goals are to find his parents and clansmen. His adopted fathers name was Henry Shoto, mother Irene Shoto
4) Does your character have any brothers or sisters?
Unknown, see question #3
5) What do you see as your characters future goals? Both long term and short term (please choose a minimum of 3).
Long Term: reunite or find the remains of his biological parents, and rejoin his clansmen, whatever clan he may be from…
Short Term #1: Solve the ruebonic quadrilateral (space age ruebix cube) He carries it with him everywhere he goes, plays with it when bored and has nothing to tinker with or when he is nervous.
Short Term #2: Build a Useful and intelligent A.I.
Short Term #3: Ensure the lives of his bandmates, who accept him as he is with all his strange quirks.
Short Term #4: Find the Con man who is tricking the residents of Nestora into buying faulty Security systems and then stealing from them, and who is also responsible for the Death of Mrs. Nesbitt.
6) Tell me about your characters past, where you’re from, your family, notable accomplishments or failures, any significant other relationships or jobs.
1000 years after the fall of the prophet, peace has finally come to Valkana….or at least that’s what we are led to believe. However the reality is much less peaceful then previously advertised. There is struggle and strife in Valkana, and when you are small and lizard-like, you learn quickly how to survive. As a child, I was left to starve in the streets when my small village was raided by bandits. Saurian life had grown different since the end of the Chaos wars. We were no longer conquers but survivors. We used our innate technical abilities to make our small village incredibly fertile and rich in minerals. This, of course made us targets for every bandit and highwaymen looking for silver or gold. Eventually the town became overrun with the filth of the world. I don’t remember my father, but I remember my mother, or at least the one image of her placing my small basket out in the pastures in the tall grass among the cattle. She tried to save me, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions, it wasn’t long before a bandit found me. From then on, I was sold from one owner to the next, sometimes I was kept as a pet, sometimes I was made to work, almost all of the time I was made to think I was less than a living being. Until, one day, I grew big enough and strong enough to break my chains and escape. At the time my current owners were visiting Nestora. When you’re a lizard living on the street, people think you’re vermin. They either shoo you away or call for guards. The first thing you learn living on the streets is how to fight to stay alive, the second thing you learn is how to steal in order to eat, the last thing you learn is that money makes the world go around. If you got the cash, you can make guards look the other way, put a roof over your head and sit down for meals. I was sleeping in a junk yard, when I heard someone rustling thru the junk. At first glance he was an unassuming man, not from the part of town I was from, probably middleclass or higher, rifling thru capacitors, motherboards and an endless stream of wires. I asked him what he was doing; he said “looking for an older model Moravecs with good joint connectors.” I knew what he was talking about and where to find a pair, like most saurions, I had an aptitude for electronics though I wasn’t fully versed in my studies. I went to a different section of the junkyard and found the item he required, I would have ask how much it was worth to him, but he didn’t look like the type of man who had ever made a transaction with any kind of the seedy individuals that inhabited the slums, so I just handed it to him. He asked me where I lived, I pointed to the junk, then he asked me if I’d like a job, become an errand boy for his shop, “been there, done that, not into ‘free’ labor anymore.” “No no, I’d pay you…and you can live in the shop’s back room, it’s not much but it’s better than the junk yard” I was stunned, never had anyone been so kind to me, and just like that I had come to live with the Shotos. Henry was a good man, and a better teacher. He had taught me all he knew about computers, robotics and vehicles, trained me and certified me in his craft. His wife, Irene taught me everything else, how to cook, clean, write and read (she was a teacher for younglings), even how to play an instrument. Towards my fourth year with them, he asked if I would adopt his surname and continue the family business, (humans live such short spans) I was honored and humbled. I took the last name Shoto and began working in the shop as an apprentice. It was two years after that, Irene became sick, and Henry spent most of his days taking care of her while I tended the shop. I would come home every night to play her a song so she could sleep soundly. Not long after, Irene had passed, and Henry and I missed her so, but now Henry had much more time on his hands and spent it in the shop with me. We would keep busy all day, until one day, Henry told me that I should get out more, I should go experience the world, find new crafting techniques and blueprints from other masters or become a great musician. He told me he loved me and that he would be fine in the shop by himself, so I took his advice. I ventured out to seek my magnum opus, to create my very own brand of robot. Before parting, Henry gave me a strange gift, one he said he found and restored: A six-sided pointy cube, roughly the size of a melon, yet light weight, strange colored lights emanating from smaller cubes making up the larger one that you could shift and turn in many directions, changing the light patterns. He said that he was able to get it to function but never figured out what was inside or how to get in it, he would leave that to me. I’d never forgotten where I came from, the hardships I face, or my mother’s face, so at first I would just steal parts from other shops and junkyards. But I felt something was missing. I also wanted to honor the memory of my adopted mother, so I sought to become a musician as well, and I found myself a band…..
7) There’s a dangerous creature approaching your group quickly, your character:
…Draws his Carbine falls back a few steps and fires two shots at the creature.
8) A quote that personifies the essence of your character.
9) What is your characters worst memory?
His biological mother, leaving him in the basket and running off, thinking he was safe.
10) What is your characters best memory?
Meeting Henry and Irene, and working in the shop away from the corrupt city.
11) How does your character feel about the other “playable” races (dwarves, elves, gnomes, humans, orcs, half-<race>, saurians)?
Elves are alright, though maybe a little pretentious. Half giants seem slow witted but definitely don’t ever need to be on their bad sides. Thinking Machines are by far the most interesting beings out there, and gets Irwin excited thinking about upgrades. Humans are his least favorite, so many have the potential for good yet choose to be evil. Dwarves are great builders, but my gods are they hairy, how their beards don’t suffocate them at night is a mystery to me. Gnomes are creepy. Orcs are brutish, low brow criminals, but buy them a beer and they are your friends for life.
12) If your character feels strongly, positive or negative, towards a race, why?
See Question # 11.
13) Has your character ever been in love? Are you still?
Romantic love, no…. to socially awkward
14) List 5 of your characters favorites (ie- color, food, drink, animal, past time, skill, etc.).
1. Favorite Drink: Beer
2. Favorite Pastime: Tinkering on a robot or fussing with the Ruebonic Quadrilateral or practicing my Techno-Harp.
3. Favorite Food: Caramelized insects and churros
4. Favorite book: Techno Trousers, by Zachery Fluttenbergstein.
5. Favorite Robot: TST-619 Model aka Jeremy
15) Out of character- What is something you would like to see your character do? Something that would happen to them?
I think it would be cool for Irwin to solve the quadrilateral and find something of importance in it like an artifact or something needed for the campaign. Like a lead as to the rebirth of the prophet or a way or key to destroy her, or maybe it’s becomes a link to his past, and can only be solved by other saurian.
16) Create a flaw for your character.
Having experienced so much of the worst that society has to offer, I am very untrusting of other people, if I have not met you or known you I will not be inclined to speak to you or interact with you unless I need something from you.
17) Tell me a secret about your character.
His Biological parent’s names are Breveth & Gaador Ambereye: A clan of science officers dating back to before the Cataclysm.
18) Your character is part of a Band. What instrument does he or she play?
19) What is the name of your band?
The Winding Road

Irwin Shoto

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