Eons before Valkana heard her own name, she bore witness to beings not of this realm. These Ancients planted the seeds of life for Valkana, and as that life grew and civilizations formed, the thirst for supremacy blossomed into war. Gifted with an unmatched intellect, the Suarian Empire built mighty warmachines and claimed dominion on Valkana, until the heavens themselves fell upon them. Valkana was plunged into darkness and a thousand years of war. In this crucible, great heroes were forged, and together they extinguished the flames of battle. A new civilization was built on the ruins of the old. A peaceful world of magic and science, where the forces of Chaos are patient and not easily contained. Left to fester, ancient evils threaten to emerge and unleash mayhem upon the world. And so, to face them, new heroes must arise from the ASHES OF VALKANA.

Titansgrave RPG

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