Titansgrave RPG

Diplomacy, not Diplomacy (sorry , not sorry)

Must we Kill everyone we meet......

Ours Heroes return to there ship, after suffering the loss of Lefty the Jakkar and watching the Necromancer known as Daverous seemingly combust for absolutely no reason and claiming victory over him. However, before entering the clearing to the Ship, the would be Rock stars notice they are not alone in this dank jungle of a forest.

Waiting for the Winding Road is a blockade of bounty hunters from House Harkonnen and they brought with them a large 20 foot tall robotic creature called the ED-209: A hulking beast of metal and bullets with a short fuse temper and a serious inability to tackle stairs. The leader of this pack, designated the leader by the glorious cape he wears, draped in the house’s power armor and colors, awaits the band in order to apprehend Echo.

Irwin thought they should perhaps try to be diplomatic and spare their lives, after all, they may need the House’s help to fend of the much more powerful Dark elves that also seek to capture Echo. While formulating his plan, however, Torsen and Adam take it upon themselves to speak to the leader directly, leaving the cover the the forest and walking straight up to the leader without any hesitation or care for their own lives. Irwin repeatedly smacking his forehead at the sheer gall and nads of his two bandmates. Taking flanking positions, Irwin and Fabio prepare for the battle that is sure to ensue once negotiation inevitably break down. And they do…..rather quickly.

Adam, realizing the robot is the eminent threat, neutralizes it with his arcane bubble, capturing it, and leaving Irwin’s mouth watering as he thinks about all the parts he can salvage from such a huge mechanical beast. After ED-209 was secured the fight began, Irwin immediately taking his shot and blasting the helmet of the leader straight off his head. Fabio making a mad dash and cleaving two of the soldiers in half with his mighty greatsword. The bounty hunters taking their shots landed quite a few hits but the band was ready. Rastix brought up a wall of shadow to keep the some of the soldiers from finding bodies to riddle with holes, and quickly flung shadow daggers at his unsuspecting victims. As the fight progressed, House Harkonnen retreated to their ship, not wanting to have any more their lives snuffed out by the dangerous yet half witted band, and leaving the ED-209, took off in quite a hurry.

Irwin attempted to deactivate the large bot but with no success, as the ED unit activated it’s thrusters and flew away. Quickly running into our Ship, Torsen, Rastix, and Echo gave chase to the fleeing bot, and fired wildly at it, causing much damage but not enough to down the metal behemoth. In expending so much energy trying to take the ED unit down, Torsen burnt up one of the firing coils in the ship’s gun. Now in order to make repairs, they must make port and hope that Irwin can find the parts required to patch the main cannon….oye vey

Tune in next week for more Adventures of the Winding Road!!!!!!!!!




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